TED Talks And The Spoken Words Of Sarah Kay

The first time I watched a TED talk was during a college class.  I fell asleep.  As can be assumed, I do not remember who was giving the talk or what the talk was about.  I just remember it had been a long week, and I took my teacher turning off the lights as an excuse for a nap.

This same teacher continued to show TED talks every week to start class.  Every week, I slept. Then one day he assigned us a project where we had to choose a TED talk to show to the class and explain how we interpreted the lesson in the video and how we can apply the lesson to our personal growth.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the type of things one is assigned in art school.

I hated the idea of this assignment.  I did not want to spend my time watching “inspirational” videos.  I did not find them the least be inspiring. Although, I am not sure how I came to this conclusion as I had never actually watched one before. But I assumed the talkers were a bunch of rich old white men who deemed themselves successful and were giving advice on how to be a rich old white man.  I didn’t want to be a rich old white man. So why watch?

I spent a few hours scrolling through videos, playing the first minute before deciding I was bored and clicked on the next.  I was beginning to think I would never find a talk that could actually grab my attention let alone provide me with worthy advice. Then I found this video:

I did not know how intrigued I was by the speech until it was over and I realized I had actually listen to all eighteen minutes of it.

I do not know much about spoken word, or poetry for that matter, but I suddenly became interested in Sarah Kay’s performances. I found them natural, raw, and easy to get lost in.  I spent the rest of the night searching her videos and after watching most everything I could find, there was one performance that really stuck out to me. It is called “The Type”.

I’m not sure why I am so attracted to this poem. Maybe it is the art.  Maybe it is the emotion, the performance.  Maybe it’s just message.

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