Listen Live and Local

Listen Live and Local was a Chicago-based webzine covering the Chicago music scene from 2015-2018. I focused on highlighting local acts through live reviews, band profiles, features and Q&As.


Every month, I choose one band to feature through on the site. Bands were chosen based on if they had an upcoming show or music release. For each profile, I scheduled an in-person interview with the band. I always encouraged band members to pick an interview spot of importance to them, somewhere they felt comfortable. After the interviews, I’d transcribe the conversation and begin piecing together the story. It typically wasn’t until after an interview when I’d decided if the piece would be a profile or Q&A. I made the decision based on how well bandmates told their story. Some artists had great back-and-forth banter that lent itself to a Q&A article while other bands spoke better through their music and body language which I could describe to readers more thoroughly through a profile.

Profile: Mykele Deville

The sound of Chicago. That’s how vocalist and poet Mykele Deville describes his music. It’s the voices of protesters. The cries of outrage. The tunes of the streets. It’s everything that the city stands for, music and all.

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Q&A: Sunjacket

For a band who thrives on the dark and heavy synth sounds found on their debut album Mantra, the men behind Sunjacket are surprisingly upbeat and goofy. Through malicious giggles, they successfully shared their journey along with their plans for new music and shows.

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Listen Live and Local did monthly reviews of shows and albums (generally one of each per month). Live reviews followed a standard writing format. The start of the article gave an overview of the show while each following paragraph was dedicated to highlighting an act from the night. I kept a strict policy that live reviews would be posted within 24 hours of the show, so having a writing format made it easy to stick to the deadline. Album reviews were asked to be submitted prior to their release date and were made live the same day the album became available to the public. Quick turnaround on reviews made sure the articles were published at their most newsworthy time.

Album Review: Ratboys – GN

Ratboys’ sophomore album is the result of an instrumental rock band mastering the art of storytelling. Their 10-song compilation encompasses a special mix of personal anecdotes and memories from vocalist Julia Steiner and guitarist David Sagan.

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Live Review: Double Door

Like any great Americanized genre, there is no right way to rock. Thanks to its various styles, rock has grown to include elements of punk, folk, metal, pop and so much more. This genre blend brought five local bands together and treated audiences to the many facets of the legendary sound.

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