Why Getting Laid Off Was the Best Thing for Me in 2020

It’s 10 pm on a weeknight. I’m sitting at my makeshift desk in the corner of my bedroom I’ve declared ‘my office,’ and I’m contemplating whether to make dinner or ignore my hunger until morning. I’ve completed a 12-hour workday (yes, I woke up at 4 am). I’m exhausted, sore and mentally drained, but I’mContinue reading “Why Getting Laid Off Was the Best Thing for Me in 2020”

Listen Live and Local

Listen Live and Local was a Chicago-based webzine covering the Chicago music scene from 2015-2018. I focused on highlighting local acts through live reviews, band profiles, features and Q&As. Profiles/Q&As Every month, I choose one band to feature through on the site. Bands were chosen based on if they had an upcoming show or musicContinue reading “Listen Live and Local”

Kids Know Best

I wrote my first novel at seven. It was a tragic coming-of-age story about a girl and her horse. At five single spaced pages sprinkled with errors, it was probably the world’s shortest and underdeveloped novel, but I was damn proud of it. At eight I wrote my first comic.  It was called The Adventures of Super Baby.  Oddly enough,Continue reading “Kids Know Best”

The Power Of Stereotypes

I grew up with an older brother whose life revolved around gaming.  He did everything from online video games, to strategic board games, to collectible card games.  As a younger sister I wanted to be like my brother so I too began participating in similar activities.  I fell in love with games such as WorldContinue reading “The Power Of Stereotypes”

TED Talks And The Spoken Words Of Sarah Kay

The first time I watched a TED talk was during a college class.  I fell asleep.  As can be assumed, I do not remember who was giving the talk or what the talk was about.  I just remember it had been a long week, and I took my teacher turning off the lights as an excuse forContinue reading “TED Talks And The Spoken Words Of Sarah Kay”