Why Getting Laid Off Was the Best Thing for Me in 2020

It’s 10 pm on a weeknight. I’m sitting at my makeshift desk in the corner of my bedroom I’ve declared ‘my office,’ and I’m contemplating whether to make dinner or ignore my hunger until morning. I’ve completed a 12-hour workday (yes, I woke up at 4 am). I’m exhausted, sore and mentally drained, but I’mContinue reading “Why Getting Laid Off Was the Best Thing for Me in 2020”

Listen Live and Local

Listen Live and Local was a Chicago-based webzine covering the Chicago music scene from 2015-2018. I focused on highlighting local acts through live reviews, band profiles, features and Q&As. Profiles/Q&As Every month, I choose one band to feature through on the site. Bands were chosen based on if they had an upcoming show or musicContinue reading “Listen Live and Local”