Freelance Writing

Throughout the years, I enjoyed working on a variety of freelance projects such as press releases and long-form articles.

Press Releases

Press releases help companies and brands announce upcoming events, new ventures and other important company news. They should provide all relevant information to journalists and media outlets need to write a compelling story, including quotes and background information on the company/brand.

Press Release: Chicago Symphony Orchestra

A press release announcing ticket sales and upcoming concerts for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Press Release: Packback Partners with the California State University Affordable Learning Solutions

Packback announces its partnership with the California State University (CSU) Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) initiative.

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The goal for most long-form articles is to explore new ideas through a well-told story. When I approach a long-form article, I conduct research and interview subject-matter experts before I outline the piece and begin to tell the story. I’ve found the more time I am able to spend talking to those involved in the story, the easier it becomes to write a piece that presents a well-rounded and new look on the article topic.

Feature Story: A Cassette Resurrection

Towering behind a dark iron gate stands an apartment building; a refuge from the mainstream music world of MP3s and internet streaming. Up the stairs is the front door, a gateway to experiencing the DIY music community focused on cassette resurrection.

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Album Review: Van Morrison – Moondance

In a time when jazz was resurfacing the music scene between disco and rock, singer-songwriter Van Morrison found a way to intertwine the use of the genres’ elements with his poetic words to create an album that had the potential to stand out from its competitors.

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