I joined the Packback team in 2018 as the Content Marketing Specialist. Working at a startup meant dabbling in a variety of writing projects, including case studies, conference proposals, webinar scripts and blog posts.

Case Studies

One of the best ways for a company to empathize with their customer is through case studies. At Packback, I created story-form case studies that shared an instructor’s journey before and after Packback. For these case studies, I interviewed customers and asked them to explain pain points they experienced before using Packback’s online discussion platform, and how implementing Packback transformed their classroom. I also created multimedia case studies that used audio clips so Packback’s users could tell their stories in their own words.

Story-Form Case Study: Engaging Students with Technology

Learn how one instructor began engaging students with technology to improve critical thinking skills and exam grades.

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Multimedia Case Study: The Impact of Gamification and Student Agency on Discussion

Dr. John Locke used discussion boards in the past, but none engaged the students like Packback.

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Webinar Scripts

At Packback, I created webinar content to appeal to current users with the goal of building retention, as well as pipeline prospects to build new sales. For current Packback users, webinars focused on unique ways of using the Packback platform as well as product announces and sneak peeks for upcoming features. Content geared toward new users was less-product specific but instead presented Packback as a thought leader in education. These webinars focused on teaching practices such as building student engagement and improving critical thinking skills in students. For both types of webinars, I partnered with instructors and used their expertise to write scripts that would help other instructors solve challenges in the classroom.

Current User Webinar: Promoting Student Engagement with Packback

Packback’s dedicated to promoting student engagement no matter the subject, class size or student environment! Learn from one of Packback’s Senior Experience Managers on how instructors are creatively using Packback to inspire student curiosity.

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New Sales Webinar: Creating an Effective Online Lecture

Recording an engaging lecture requires different skills than presenting a lecture in person. In this webinar, Dr. Kathleen West from Winthrop University shares tips for recording useful lectures as well as suggestions for recording tools. 

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Blog Posts

In addition to webinars, blog posts provide value to current and potential customers. At Packback, I created awareness pieces to draw new customers to our website. These pieces also acted as nurturing content to provide insight on trending higher education topics. All blog posts required research to ensure I offered reliable content. The research included reading scholarly articles as well as interviewing experts to understand the topics better.

The Value of Discussion

According to a study from the University of Sussex, students in large lectures act as passive recipients instead of active learners because the fast-paced environment doesn’t allow them to engage with course content. One way to build student engagement is through discussion.

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Implementing Technology in College Classrooms

Gen Z students expect digital learning tools to be utilized on-demand to create interactive learning environments. Since this new student generation expects to use digital learning tools, instructors need to consider ways of implementing technology that will not only intrigue students but bring value to their education.

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