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Profile: Mykele Devville

The sound of Chicago. That’s how vocalist and poet Mykele Deville describes his music. It’s the voices of protesters. The cries of outrage. The tunes of the streets. It’s everything that the city stands for, music and all.

Feature Story: A Cassette Resurrection

Towering behind a dark iron gate, just off Milwaukee Ave. in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, stands an apartment building; a refuge from the mainstream music world of MP3s and internet streaming. Walking through the gate is like free falling back to 80s hair bands and homemade mixtapes. Up the stairs is the front door, a gateway to experiencing the DIY music community focused on cassette resurrection.

Q&A: Sunjacket

For a band who thrives on the dark and heavy synth sounds found on their 2016 debut album Mantra, the four men behind Sunjacket are surprisingly upbeat and goofy. Even through the malicious giggles, the 4-piece successfully shared their journey of the last year along with their plans for new music and shows.

Blog Post: Time Management Tips for Professors

Managing time as an instructor is overwhelming. For many instructors, clocking a 60-hour week is the norm, and discovering where to cut back can be tricky, especially without proper time management tips.

Case Study: Engaging Students with Technology

How one instructor began engaging students with technology to improve students’ critical thinking skills and exam grades.

Webinar: Creating Effective Online Lectures

Recording an engaging lecture requires different skills than presenting a lecture in person. In this webinar, Dr. Kathleen West from Winthrop University shares tips for recording effective lectures as well as suggestions for recording tools. 

Press Release: CSO

Press release announcing ticket sales and upcoming concerts for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Album Review: Van Morrison – Moondance

In a time when jazz was resurfacing the music scene between disco and rock, singer-songwriter Van Morrison found a way to intertwine the use of the genres’ elements with his poetic words to create an album that had the potential to stand out from its competitors.

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